Collaboration and Change

Who.  Pebble Creek Labs is a small consulting shop and research lab designed to support schools and districts to improve teaching and learning. Pebble Creek Labs has been established for nearly two decades, partners with schools across the country, and has a proven track record of improving student achievement through expanding and strengthening instructional repertoire.

Tools and Solutions


What.  Pebble Creeks Labs offers exceptional training in research supported, high-yield learning strategies, supported with engaging curricular materials and units, and sustained through coaching, to create rich classrooms and learning communities of variety and depth, high success and lasting results. 

Shifting Trajectories, Changing Lives


Why.  Working throughout the country in schools and districts of all sizes and shapes, Pebble Creek Labs arms teachers and students alike with the tools, skills and support to change student trajectories, redefining their school experience to one of success and possibility.