My Other Life...

About seven years ago I ratcheted back my growing and more than full time consulting life.  This afforded me the opportunity to be much more selective about the projects we take on, and offer more personalized and hands on services. 

I settled in the Lake Tahoe region with the intent of more balance and play.  In time I took some local “work” to become more integrated into the community.  I work for the Martis Camp Club, one of America’s finest second home communities.  In the winter I am a ski host/ambassador at their ski lodge and in the summer I manage their “Beach Shack”, an amazing amenity on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. 

A different kind of teaching and leading…

It’s a blessed life, improving America’s schools and classrooms AND helping people enjoy the beauties of our region. 

This page is an offering of some non-educational news about a very special part of the world.


Feature 1

My work as ski ambassador involves among other things, making instructional ski videos for the Martis Club membership.  Usually our "tips videos" (golf, ski, stand up paddling, etc.) enjoys modest viewership---two to four hundred--yet for some reason many of these ski videos went much bigger.  

Check them out...  You Tube: Martis Camp Ski Tips


Feature 2

My summers are spent on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, arguably one of the worlds' most beautiful places.  Stand Up Paddleboarding is the sport of choice on this idyllic lake.  Check out these vids... 

You Tube:  Martis Camp How to Paddleboard  and/or

Martis Camp Beach Shack


Feature 3

After five years of drought, the winter of 2016-17 has been a record snow year.  Over 20 feet of snow fell in January and February, making for "epic" ski conditions and then all kinds of secondary benefits... e.g., lake levels up, wildflower meadows in full bloom, fewer forest fires, etc.   Yet best of all, it sets up the classic spring debauchery of an April and May of morning skiing,  then paddling, bike riding, golf in the afternoon.  There is nothing like spring in the Sierra's...