Our initiatives all lead with a focus on teaching and learning.  Effective instruction is the catalyst to all other school improvement, and thus we live by the mantra of “rich repertoire”. 

Our desire is for teachers to have an extensive array of approaches for use in teaching.  Many approaches are practical and can be implemented in classrooms and schools where teachers have the will and skill.   

We believe the primary task of teachers and faculties is to equip themselves with a variety of teaching models they can use for different purposes, adapt for different learners, and combine artfully to create classrooms and learning communities of variety and depth.

Pebble Creek Labs immerses teachers in on-going staff development and support through training sessions, on-site coaching and study team meetings. The goal is to change classroom practice, elevating instruction to new levels of engagement and student success.

Pebble Creek offers a different approach for both students and teachers.

Strategies Include:

The Inductive Model

Read Alouds

Think Alouds

Concept Attainment


Make and Break


Vocabulary Models (e.g., Word Splash)

Graphic Organizers (e.g., KWL, Venn Diagram)

Active Engagement/Partner/Small Group Cooperative Strategies